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One Woman to Another Project

Yonilicious is passionate about creating abundance for all women and vulva havers in the most honourable and sustainable ways possible.

The One Woman to Another Project created by Kristin in 2018 began with sourcing and distributing high quality reusable menstrual products along with good quality recycled blankets to sisters living on the streets in Byron Bay. 

It then moved on to creating post abortion packs for women who had experienced either an elective or spontaneous abortion. These packs consisted of a reusable pad, a womb oil and a heat pack. 

When Kristin moved to Bali she discontinued her physical product line, so she instead created a free post abortion course for sisters who had experienced an abortion. You can find the post abortion course on this website. it is called Spirit Baby Program, which is still free and always will be. 

The One Woman to Another Project has expanded now to include free downloadable sex-education books

We are currently working on a free Sexual Violation Survivor supportive program for Sex after Sexual Violations. Once it is ready it will also be available on this page.

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