The Art of Love Making

The 🌹ART OF LOVE MAKING🌹 is finally here! And it is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN and incredible resource for healthy relationships and sexual connections. 

This journey is self-taught in a cyclic manner, so that you or your lovers can best understand how to love up a female throughout the menstrual cycle—without penetration and orgasm being the main goal. Therefore please match up the four weeks with either your/your partner's menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle. 


This self-taught program is designed for individuals and/or couples (that include at least one female), and the focus is on female pleasure due to the orgasm gap—with hetero females experiencing the short end of the stick time and time again, tolerating in their partnered sex and putting their partners pleasure first. For male focused pleasure I highly recommend visiting the website and work of Cam Fraser.


Whether you are in a relationship or not, and you feel called to understand yourself or your partners in partnered pleasure, or female sexuality deeper in general, this is a great holistic course for you 🌹

The program consists of:

Four X 60-ish minute recordings of teachings on the many different aspects of the art of love making, along with a bunch supplementary materials for you to go over each week. You can see examples of what is offered in the images below. 


We also offering a "Conscious Kink" program for those singles and couples who would like to explore the many aspects of kink, either solo or with their partner. You can sign up for one or both of the programs depending on what is most interesting for you 🌹


If it is a full body YES to this program you can book via the buttons below

All four weeks of "The Art of Love Making" for $111.11


Buy just the one-off session that appeals to you most for $33.33



Sacred Sexuality

Cosmic Sex

Erotica and Fantasy

Role Play


Pleasure profiling

Orgasmic Breathing

Sex Rituals

Sacred Union

Celebratory Sex

and more...

Heart Opening Sex

Sexual Healing


Sacred Waters


$200 for eight weeks of "The Art of Love Making" + "Conscious Kink"