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eros unleashed

a self-paced journey through all of kiki's courses, forever

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With this bundle you don't have to choose between yourself or a partner, as you'll be doing a deep dive into everything Kiki has on offer.

what's included :

Kiki has made her abundant offerings more accessible than ever before by bundling them all together for an immense savings, plus any new offerings are automatically added to your course, for free, forever.

You get:

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Dimensions of pleasure

The Art of Love Making

plus a free bonus

darker honey square.png

Pleasure system rewire
(worth $222)

+ Pleasure System Reset

+ Womb Blossoming

+ Pelvic Blossoming

+ Pussy Blossoming

+ Heart Blossoming

+ Anal Blossoming

your sultry syllabus:

A Woman with Fruit Behind Her Back

Know Your Pleasure

A journey into the cyclic nature of our pleasure, exploring the mental, emotional, sexual and physical realms of sensuality, embodiment, desire and pleasure.

Individually $111

Smooth Legs

Self Pleasure Workshop

Deepen body connection, expand pleasure, celebrate sexuality without judgement, explore self-pleasure tools & techniques & unlock the mystery of desire & arousal.

Individually $111

woman sitting on honey with roses on and around body


Pleasure System Reset

with sexologist kiki maree featuring sara silverstein,
plant medicine & crystal kingdom allies

individually $222

Kinky Collar on a Neck

Conscious Kink

Explore beyond the beauty of vanilla sex with Kiki, Jesse & Sara. Learn about kink, how to communicate desires, and to transmute shame around your unique kinks.

Individually $111

Woman with Flowers

Sensual Woman

Embrace your sensuality and eroticism with a variety of somatic teachings and sensual dance, overcoming shame and self-doubt, and connecting with your inner seductress.

Individually $333

woman meditating


Heart Blossoming

Join Sara and I in exploring seven feminine archetypes through chakra teachings, breathwork, & archetypal energies, from Lilith's sexuality to Ishtar's wisdom.

Individually $111

Kiki with Peacock Feathers

Self Pleasure Challenge

Join the 7-day self-pleasure challenge and prioritise your pleasure, explore personal barriers, and discover practical ways to enhance joy and well-being in your life.

Individually $22

couple holding each other

10 Step Journey

Transform your intimacy with our program's 10 special videos, suitable for singles & couples. Discover practices for sexual recalibration at home, with practical demos.

Individually $111

woman sitting with rose petals on lap


Womb Blossoming

A journey to your womb, blood, intuition, and superpowers.

Individually $111

Open Breathing Surreal Mouths

Breathgasm (Females)

Breathgasm deepens body connection, enhance pleasure, transmute shame, & explore sensuality & multiple orgasmic states using mindfulness & breathing practices.

Individually $66

Woman with Hands Covering her Breasts

Breast Worship

A short course expanding breast and yoni pleasure, and nurturing breast health through massage, Daoist teachings, meditations, plants & heart-opening practices.

Individually $55

Woman on a Bed at the Beach


Anal Blossoming

A four-part journey embracing anal pleasure by overcoming stigma & fears, and expanding yummy pleasure through different de-armouring & pleasuring techniques.

Individually $111

Woman with hands on chest wearing a black bra

Yoni Worship

Discover yoni worship & care in this immersive course, with practices from anatomy & cervix de-armouring to fingering and squirting to worshipping and massage.

Individually $111

couple hugging close up

Art of Love Making

Discover the Art of Love Making in our 4-week program, aligning with menstrual/lunar cycles for non-penetrative intimacy, ideal for understanding female pleasure.

Individually $111

Man standing with arms out facing sunset

Breathgasm (Males)

Breathgasm deepens body connection, enhance pleasure, transmute shame, & explore sensuality & multiple orgasmic states using mindfulness & breathing practices.

Individually $66

Kiki and Jesse in Bed

Lingam Worship

Explore lingam worship in this course, focusing on anatomy, massage techniques, communication, and deepening your understanding and connection.

Individually $111

Pelvis with Flower


Pelvic Blossoming

A journey into the pelvic nervous system, releasing holding patterns creating expansion, pelvic health & more pleasure through somatic & mindfulness practices.

Individually $111

Confident Spread Legs with sunflower between legs


Pussy Blossoming Program

Explore kunta magic with art, sound, movement, and women's mysteries in our program. Fall in love with your yoni, celebrate sexuality, and embrace Pussy Pride & Sexual Sovereignty."

Individually $111

total value: $1,874

get the ultimate bundle for $400


(fees apply)

Image by Alexander Grey

prioritize your pleasure

Take only the courses about getting to know your pleasure and save with Dimensions of Pleasure

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prefer partner focused?

Invest in the relationship focused courses only and save with

The Art of Love Making

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