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Eros Unleashed

Pelvic Blossoming


4 Weeks

Pelvis with Flower

pelvic blossoming with Sara and Kiki!

We are so excited to be sharing this 4-part program with you all!

Are you ready to journey to the corners of your womb, to shed collective and ancestral programming and regulate your nervous system from the seat of your being?

We know we are! 

This program is for you if you have experienced​:

  • Disconnect from your body/self/pleasure

  • Disconnect from the feminine

  • Blockages in your pleasure

  • Disregulated nervous system

  • Anxiety or stress in your sexuality

  • Physical pelvic issues

Some prospects covered​:

  • Womb "cleansing" (this is a problematic term, though we will be doing integral practices)

  • Mindfulness​ for nervous system reset

  • Breathwork for nervous system & pleasure

  • Exercises, positions & practices for pelvic health

  • Mapping and massage

  • Cervical de-armouringand so much more!

pay upfront and save

(fees apply)

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