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Eros Unleashed

Anal Blossoming


4 Weeks

Woman on a Bed at the Beach

Welcome ALL genders! 

Cum one, cum ALL! 

I am so excited to be sharing this 4-part journey with you and your butts! 

Are you ready to ...

  1. release your anal fears

  2. decondition your anal programming

  3. connect DEEPLY with your body

  4. expand your pleasure potential and

  5. connect with your sensuality without any goals or pressure?

This program is for you if you have experienced:​

  • Shame over your anal pleasure

  • Disconnect from anal pleasure

  • Fear of surrendering

  • Blockages in anal pleasure

  • Pain in anal play

  • Curiosity over anal play

  • a desire for more pleasure in your life

Some prospects covered​:

  • Anal De-armouring

  • Arousal cultivation

  • Anal appreciation

  • Preparation, lubrication, technique

  • De-programming exercises

  • Anatomy of anal nerves, butt spanking & more!​​

pay upfront and save

(fees apply)

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