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Eros Unleashed

Breast Worship


Self Paced

Woman with Hands Covering her Breasts

The breasts are a gateway into the yoni as the nipples stimulate the same region of the brain as the genitals, and when we stimulate the nipples we can help to begin the arousal process before heading straight to the pussy. When we cultivate enough sexual energy in the breasts it spills over into the yoni whcih helps to open the yoni to receiving pleasure.

We also give so much from this part of our being, and there is a lot of strain on the health of our breasts due to aluminium in deodorant, stagnation of chi, lack of vitamin D and hormonal imbalances.

This short course is to help you to develop a loving relationship with your breasts as well as to develop a self-care practice incorporating your breasts so that you can begin to bring breast play into your pleasure practice more, while also prioritising your breast health.

who this program is for you if you are

  • feeling shame over your breasts

  • feeling fear over your breast health

  • if you would like to expand your overall pleasure potential, though particularly your breast pleasure and how your breast pleasure can add to your pussy n(or penis) pleasure

What is included:

  • Breast massage techniques

  • Teachings on the energy of the breasts in daoism and tantra

  • Breast meditations

  • Heart opening practices

  • Plant medicines to use for breast health

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