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All Yonilicous products are organic and edible, and our rose quartz eggs are gemologist approved <3  with free shipping worldwide.
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10% of all Yonilicious purchases will be donated towards the One Woman to Another Project that supports the aftercare of womben that have had an abortion and sisters living on the streets.

About the Products
Yoni Pleasure Potion:

A blend of therapeutic essential oils (Young Living) of rose, damiana and ylang ylang (aphrodisiacs) geranium & jasmine, liquid crystals of kunzite, pink tourmaline and rose quartz for protection, unconditional love,connection of mind and body and nurturing through growth blended in organic sweet almond oil 

Breast Love Lotion:
A blend of therapeutic essential oils of ylang ylang (aphrodisiac) geranium, lemongrass, frankincense and black pepper, liquid crystals of kunzite, pink tourmaline and rose quartz with damiana (aphrodisiac) in organic almond oil 

Yonilicious Self Love Tea:
A blend of liquorice root, rose,rose root, damiana, rose root, passionflower. Liquorice root is an incredible way  for women to increase our vitamin B intake. Rose helps to heal past traumas of the feminine aspect of ourselves, peppermintaids digestion, damiana is an aphrodisiac and passionflower is a mild sedative.

Moontime Love Oil
 Clary sage, peppermint, chamomile, cinnamon, frankincense, copaiba and Idaho balsam fur. Must not be used by pregnant women until close to birth.

Pregnancy Womb Oil

Rose oil and rose quart liquid crystals for a connecting experience for mama and bubba. Rose is the highest frequency plant and using this plant in pregnancy helps to bring both mum and baby into a higher state of being.

Womb Healing Oil

Similar to the pregnancy womb oil with the addition of blue cypress, myrhh and frankincense for healing deep trauma.

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Gemologist approved crystals to help facilitate connection to the yoni and womb with the support of unconditional love of rose quartz. For information on the eggs send an email through to

Product Testimonials

  • "I love knowing that these products are edible. I use my boobie balm daily before I get out of bed as a part of my self-care routine... and a bonus to this practice is that I smell beautiful all day"

"Congratulations Kristin Murray on the "release"  of your beautiful yoni oil that captures every essence and diversity of the feminine in us all. I absolutely love it 

  • "Since using the Yonilcious Yoni oil I have developed such a beautiful self-pleasuring practice. I truly take time out to love myself fully. I feel supported by the liquid crystal of rose quartz in the oil and feel so blessed to have this product in my life"

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