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Yoni Worship Ceremony

This session is a half day temple ceremony dedicated you and your yoni.

The ceremony
A combination of ritual, movement, art, nervous system regulation, emoting, ceremony, massage and meditation, connecting you deeper to your feminine essence, your sensuality, your voice and your yoni, the gate to birth and death. 


Ritual is an act that humanity has always partaken in, all across the globe.

The ritual of yoni worship involves rose medicine, cacao medicine, yoni gazing, art therapy, movement and sound. 

Nervous system regulation

Unlike a pelvic floor physio (which are also very useful in our pelvic health) therapeutic yoni massage allows you and your nervous system to take the time and place needed to fully surrender and to crwate a space for deep healing and transmutation.


In the session I use the principles of Therapeutic Yoni Massage.

There is a difference between a therapeutic yoni massage and a regular yoni massage. A regular yoni massage oftentimes includes a build up of sexual energy through stimulation of the pleasure centres, while a therapeutic yoni massage does not involve any kind of arousal, as there is not adequate attention or stimulation of the pleasure centres of the yoni to build arousal. 

To read more on therapeutic yoni massage see this Nude News article.


After the massage section of the massage we go on a journey into the yoniverse through a daoist meditation. 

Sensual embodiment 

Before the session is finished I leave you alone to gift yourself pleasure in whatever way feels right- moaning, resting, moving, breast, vulva/vaginal stimulation, dancing, singing etc. 


After our session we close with some tea and chocolate and whatever feels right for you in the moment (this may mean leaving without unpacking anything). I will then send you out an email sharing the things that came through in your session and to organise a time for our integration call within the coming weeks.

If it is a FULL BODY YES!

"Yes, I am feeling called to reclaim my sovereignty and power through stepping fully into my divine feminine and sensuality!!"


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