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Coaching: Services

Kiki Maree

Kiki Maree (she/her) is an inclusive Sex Educator specialising in female sexuality, and intimate relationships. 


She has a PgD in Sexology and is the CEO of the Yonilicious Academy, where she offers high quality, internationally recognised certified trainings.


Kiki is a trauma-informed therapist and educator, and is known for her holistic and vastly knowledgeable approach to sex education.

Coaching Programs

These programs are shared in a 12 week coaching container where Kiki works closely with clients on their own unique blockages and disconnect from their pleasure, menstrual cycle, femininity, or for partners of women who would like to understand their partner's pleasure better.

Coaching: Services

for all women

This program is designed for women who are cis gender and would like to explore their sexuality, pleasure, desires, blockages, anatomy and more.

It is also for trans and cis women who would like to connect to deeper their femininity.

For partners of women

This program is designed for those who make love with women. To give you an insight in to the female sexual arousal, the cycles and their effect on our pleasure emotional state. 

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"In my coaching sessions with Kiki I learned so much about my unique sexuality, my pleasure, intimacy with my partner, embodiment of my sensual self, and healing that I ever even knew existed or that I needed! 


Every woman should experience working with Kiki or someone like her, especially if they weren't taught proper education on sexuality, or if they never experienced a rite of passage into menarche".


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