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Sex Coaching
with Kiki Maree

Blossom into Your Sensuality with Kiki's Personalized "Blossoming" Sex Coaching Containers.


You can choose to either have a one-off consult with Kiki, or 6-12 sessions over a 6-12 mont period.

Kiki is extremey flexible and will work with you in the capacity that is most comfy and accessible.

Embrace Your Sensuality with Personalized Sex Coaching Sessions

Delve into this transformative journey with personalized coaching sessions, designed to celebrate and explore your unique sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and intimacy. My approach is tailored to you, ensuring a deeply personal and effective experience for you to blossom into the sexual and sensual creature you were born to be!

Why Choose Sex Coaching?

  1. Empowerment Beyond the Bedroom: Discover the profound impact of sexual empowerment. A woman in tune with her sexuality and able to articulate her desires confidently is a formidable presence in every aspect of life.

  2. Elevate Your Relationships: Experience a new level of communication, compassion, and understanding with your partners. These sessions lead to deeper connections, heightened pleasure, and a sense of safety and trust in your relationships.

  3. Rewiring for Better Intimacy: Break free from the negative influences of toxic sexual portrayals. I help singles and couples alike relearn healthy, fulfilling approaches to sex and relationships, unlearning harmful societal and cultural patterns.

Is This Coaching Right For You?

This program is ideal for women experiencing:

  • Disconnect from Femininity: Struggling to identify or express your sensual and sexual desires? I guide you in exploring and articulating your needs.

  • Physical Discomfort: Transform discomfort into pleasure with our expert guidance on understanding and nurturing your body's pleasure zones.

  • Challenges in Achieving Pleasure: Learn about your erotic blueprint, your desires, and how to embrace the chaos of feminine energy to reach orgasmic states.

  • Sexual Dissatisfaction and Limited Education: Expand your sexual intelligence and explore beyond conventional perceptions of sex.

  • Curiosity in Sacred Feminine Arts: Delve into the ancient wisdom of the sacred feminine, exploring the depths of womanhood beyond societal norms.

MY Coaching Approach:

Our 12 session journey delves into various aspects of your sexuality. For those in partnerships, partner involvement is welcome at no additional cost. Sessions may include:

  • Bodywork and rewiring of the nervous system

  • Techniques for slow and feminine sex

  • Orgasmic breathwork and movement practices

  • Exploration of archetypes like Lilith and Aphrodite

  • In-depth understanding of female sexual response and anatomy

  • Skills in boundary setting, emotional intelligence, and honesty

  • Guidance on lunar mysteries and blood magic

  • Integrating new neural pathways for pleasure and sensuality

  • Tools for living in harmony with your cyclic nature

Ready to Transform?

If you're feeling a resounding "YES!" to embracing your femininity, sensuality, and sexuality, I am here to guide you on this empowering journey. 

TO find out more information, book in a consultation call via the button below. The cost of thr call will be taken off from any of the coaching packages you decide to sign up to.

Interested in becoming a professional in this field? Check out our certified training programs to not only heal your own sexuality but also empower others.

Feminine Embodiment Program: Mission
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