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Yoni Constellations with Kiki

Kiki is now offering life-changing yoni constellation sessions that are designed to deepen your understanding of your vulva. These in-depth sessions will take your knowledge about your body, your self-care and sexuality to the next level, helping you gain valuable insight on how to create a more intimate relationship with yourself and your body.

In these sessions we explore the story of your folds, crevices and cave, your lubrication levels, your tendencies in sexually intimate relationships.

These sessions are designed for yoni havers who:

Shy away from looking at their vulva

Feel shame or shy when they partner kisses their yoni

Feel shame around their inner labia

Want to understand their vulva, vagina, lubrication and preferences better

Experience pain or numbness with sex 

What's involved

You will hop on a call with Kiki and share either a photo of your vulva, or your vulva itself on camera, while Kiki asks you different questions about your vulva and vagina anatomy, experiences and your relationship with your vulva. Depending on what comes up Kiki will share with you the best ways you can support your vulva in your self love, self care and your solo and shared sexuality. 

Some examples of what can come up in a session:

Lubrication and lack thereof

Tightness and pain

The ideas of looseness

Taste and smell


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