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The Art of Love Making

Art of Cyclic Love


4 Weeks/Self Paced

The Art of Love Making with Kiki & JessE

This program is for both heterosexual & queer peeps with a vulva as this program is based around the menstrual cycle.


The art of love making Four Week Program is a transformative four-week journey designed for those who cherish female-bodied individuals. This program delves into the unique rhythms and cycles of female pleasure and sexuality, offering a deeper, more attuned understanding of these aspects. Through a gentle, slow-paced approach, participants will learn to appreciate and resonate with the natural ebb and flow of cyclic sex, pleasure and intimacy.

this program is for

  • singles who are wanting to cultivate new skills or future connections

  • couples who are experiencing struggles in their partnered pleasure

  • partners who feel they need to bring more to their partnered pleasure

  • couples who are wanting to createnew ways of relating in their sexuality and intimacy

  • couples who are wanting to expand what they are already experiencing in their partnered pleasure and intimacy

The course consists of:

  • In-depth videos on different practices to do to expand your intimacy and sexual intelligence

  • teachings on slow cyclic sex

  • Demonstrations of ways to implement new practices and tools to work through the sexual ego

  • so much more

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