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The Art of Love Making

Lingam Worship


Self Paced

This course is designed to help you to either worship your lovers or your own lingam. While I have soooo much information on Yoni love and worship, I also have some pretty special teachings on honouring the lingam!

This practice is so powerfully healing, though it can also be so beautifully erotic, and help us to connect deeper to our lover's lingam (or your own for those lingam-havers taking this course!).

this program is for you if you

  • would like to exapnd your skills in worshiping your lover's lingam (all genders)

  • would like to culitvate a more loving relationsip with your own lingam

  • would like to deepen your understanding of lingam mysteries

Included teachings:

  • Anatomy

  • Teachings on communication, boundaries and agreements 

  • Videos on lingam massage techniques

  • Videos on lingam libation/worship

  • Oral worship

  • Prostate/anal massage

*Please note: this course contains real life footage in videos and photo images.

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