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These children’s books have been created to help our children and tweens become educated on their bodies, their boundaries, their sexuality and their blood. They are an offshoot of a series of adventure books written about a girl called Susmita who travelled the world. Susmita as a child wears gender neutral clothes and has dark brown skin and red hair so as to not exclude any one culture in particular. 

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Learns Her Body and Boundaries

0-12 year olds

In this book Susmita learns the importance of safe touch, the anatomy of the body and how to say no. This book is a fun way to educate both parents and children the importance of knowledge and language surrounding the body. 

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Becomes A Woman

10-14 year olds

In this educative book Susmita shares her experience of Menarche, her first blood rite of passage. She also shares what she learns from the sisters in the Red Tent on the menstrual cycle, emotions, the body and pleasure

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Shares Her Virginity

14-17 year olds

In this book Susmita is finally ready to share her pleasure with someone else. She is sweet 16 and excited for a respectful and pleasurable connection with another person

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