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Kiki Maree (she/her) is a certified Yoni Massage practitioner and trainer, Sexologist and Sex Coach trainer. Kiki is known for her gentle yet informative and inclusive approach to gender inclusive sex education.

Kiki offers certified trainings, group and 1:1 coaching sessions, online courses, and a fun and educative podcast with Tanishka Tantrika.  She has been passionate about womben's wisdom teachings and female sexuality from a very young age. She held yoni viewings with her classmates at 7 years old, and girls circles at 12 years old. 

Kiki's main passions are empowering womben in their sexuality through a better understanding of their bodies and the female sexual arousal response.


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"Kristin offers amazing wisdom and knowledge an all things related to being a woman. Things that should be taught to us as we develop and grow but that we're left too shy to ask about or totally unaware of. As a practitioner she is trustworthy and supportive. I feel really comfortable sharing openly without any fear of judgement. Highly recommend working with her!"

— Despina

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Kristin Murray Alexi

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