Yoni Massage

Practitioner Training

This course is taught in a cyclic feminine way using the elements as well as the phases of the lunar and menstrual cycle (see below for more details). This is in order to anchor-in the teachings covering the many aspects of sexual emotional, physical, spiritual and mental healing involved in this work, without the anxiety that can oftentimes come with a masculine approach to study. For most sisters this training is not just a course for professional development, but also a journey for their own personal growth and sexual evolution.

The ethos of this course are that upon completion not only is the practitioner to be competent in all areas of  yoni massage and the many aspects of sexuality, but is doing this work from a truly heart-centered place. Along with my teachings I have invited practitioners from various fields to share their medicine on womben's health also.

The Program
There are four levels in the program, with multiple modules per level. Once these are all completed there is one in-class 4-day weekend session to attend for completion. The course is to be completed over 6-12 months upon commencement.
Each level takes roughly 1 month with around 10-20 hours of study per week depending. The amount of hours needed per week will vary per person, some may need more some may need much less. As mentioned, the program has been designed to teach womben this work in a holistic and detailed way so that all aspects are covered and so that each womban feels confidently comfortable in her work, and that Kristin will be confident that each womban will add to the healing of the feminine rather than causing further trauma.​

We will be going quite deep into feminine sexuality with this course. Yes you will be learning the ancient technique of yoni massage, however you will also be learning the many aspects of sexuality and especially female sexuality as you will be working in this realm, therefore an in depth understanding of feminine sexuality is vital. 

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Level One - First Quarter Moon

In this level you will be learning about:

  • The principles of the element of air and its association with the mind, mental health and the mental realm in sexuality.

  • Attitudes, beliefs, values, prejudices, conditioning of female sexuality

  • Our sexuality, sensuality and mental, emotional and physical health during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle and the first quarter  moon of the lunar cycle.

  • Tools to help cultivate healthy mind maps and eradicate self deprecating thoughts

  • Vaginal health and pathology

  • How to use breath in pleasure

  • The science of fantasy

  • The light and shadow of our feminine sexual power

  • The energy of the maiden and the blood rite of passage of menarche.

In my opinion we can never become experts, as there is always more to learn and being an expert may limit us, however we can specialize in our passions, and female sexuality and yoni massage are what I specialize in, which if you are feeling called I would love to share with you.

The course is taught in a super feminine way so that you can make the most of the course and truly embody your teachings without stress and anxiety that usually comes with study.

There are roughly 250 hours of online components that you can do over the course of six months to one year. Once the online components have been completed there are then four days of in-class components to complete in the Byron Bay/Gold Coast/Brisbane regions in  Australia or in the Pererenan/Ubud/Uluwatu regions in Bali- with the accommodation and organic vegan food covered in the course's costs.


Therefore if you get your course done before 12 months you can come along to the soonest available in-class sessions. Once you have completed the in-class components you must then complete voluntary sessions on loved ones, and for at least 5 different sisters.


I have massaged hundreds of womben and have had multiple teachers, covering very broad teachings on the physical body, the energetic body, sexual energy, sensual energy and so on. My years of training and experience are now cultivating into a beautiful course as I am unable to massage as many sisters who are needing it and I would like to refer sisters that have been referred to me to other sisters who are working in the same frequency.

This course will allow you to:


  • Offer sexual education- workshops/talks

  • Offer consultations and body work

  • Offer 1-on-1 sessions of healing, coaching and empowering the client

  • Hold groups of people to share the learned wisdom 

  • Profound healing and understanding of your own anatomy and sexuality

Yoni massage sessions are charged at $375 and go for 2.5-3 hours. If you go overtime you can charge $75 per half hour overtime. Therefore after 11 yoni massages you have paid back your course (or less if you do a couple of workshops etc).

With this certificate you are able to become insured with BMS through IICT, as it is a registered and approved modality.

certified training insured