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Kiki Maree

Sexologist & Certified Training Provider for Somatic Sex Coaching & Therapeutic Yoni Massage

Hi, I'm Kiki,

I known for my gentle yet informative and inclusive approach to pleasure-centered sex education. I am a certified training provider though IICT and offer internationally recognised certified trainings in somatic sex coaching and therapeutic yoni massage as director and student supervisor at the Yonilicious Academy.

I also host group and 1:1 coaching sessions, online courses, and a fun and educative podcast with Tanishka Tantrika called Love Blood Sex Death.

I have a bachelor’s degree in international studies with a focus on women in history, culture and religion. I also have a post graduate diploma in Sexology. 

I have been passionate about women's wisdom teachings and female sexuality from a very young age. I held what could be called yoni viewing circles at 6 years old, girls circles at 12 years old, and I created supportive materials for my teen female peers while going through puberty together.

My main passions are empowering women in their sexuality through a better understanding of their bodies and female sexual arousal, as well as helping women to communicate their individual needs to their partners.

While my focus is on women, I help all genders understand a smorgasbord of sexual experiences that are available, from the sacred union priest/priestess to the sacred kinky slut. I guide people in cultivating radical honesty in communicating their sexual needs by first understanding what they are themselves. I help people to shed the oppression and conditioning that we have around sex so that they can explore the realms of pleasure available, always in a safe sane/risk aware and consensual manner.

I teach programs such as the art of love making, conscious kink, lingam (penis) and yoni (vulva/vagina) worship, I teacs on anatomy, a cyclic approach to sex (especially when there is a female involved), and full bodied orgasmic focused sex, vs penetration orgasm focused sex.

I teachs people to get in touch with their bodies, cultivate sexual energy and show up authentically with their partners by dropping the sexual ego and becoming curious about their/their lovers bodies and pleasure.

I empower both individuals and couples with sexual maturity and intelligence and hold a safe container for people to release shame, guilt, blockages and trauma on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.

Kiki Maree
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