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Katie Macdonald

NLP trainer, sacred sexuality coach, therapeutic yoni massage practitioner, speaker and unshakable Goddess

About Katie

Katie dances with being fierce and going deep into the very core of what you desire to shift, while safely holding and honouring you in the space of transformational deep work. Katie works with women all over the world to transform themselves into a revealed sense of self belief, self acceptance, and empowered expression.  

A woman devoted to her own path and growth she loves to share her love and wisdom in support of women gathering to awaken within themselves their own inner Unshakeable Goddess.

Her devotional soul work goes beyond the veils of  just reminding women of how incredible they are, she expands possibility through seeing with no judgement, no expectation to expand the limitlessness within every woman's unique expression.

Katie's mission is devoted to the feminine, which she lives and breathes daily.

She is a woman who is unafraid to dive deep within herself, the science of the mind, and the embodiment of a woman's full spectrum through archetypal exploration. From here births her wisdom and magic.

Katie Macdonald
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