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Astara Crecer

Kinesiology, Wholistic Counselling, Energy Medicine

Hello Heart Centred Community, I am Astara!

I’m delighted to connect in with you via this page. My life’s journey evolves in such truly transformative thriving, uplifting and benevolent ways when I lovingly dive more deeply into my heart space…

It hasn’t always been that way for me with the dance of the ebs and flow of life and being a lifelong student of this human experience! I’ve climbed many mountains and have walked through many fires, rebirthing from the cocoon of life (metaphorically speaking!) 

Through this, a deep passion emerged of exploring the heart and inviting others to experience this journey too.

It is an honour to be walking alongside of people who feel to journey with me to connect more deeply in with their heart centre and in such loving and compassionate ways embrace the WHOLENESS of who we are. We are not broken. There is nothing to fix. The offerings that I am a conduit for and share out in to the world is only an invitation to deepen the connection that we have to ourselves and allow the magic to unfold from there…

When we step in to the portal of the heart we connect deeply with the absolute beauty and magnificence of all that we are with remembrance of who we ARE at our true essence. YES!

Astara Crecer
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