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Dimensions of Pleasure

Yoni Worship


Self Paced

woman holding pomegranate with cream on it

This is a beautiful immersive course covering many aspects of yoni worship and care, to not only develop a loving relationship with your or your lover's yoni, but to explore and expand your sexuality, eroticism and pleasure.

this program is for you if you

  • would like to exapnd your skills in worshiping your lover's yoni (all genders)

  • would like to culitvate a more loving relationsip with your yoni

  • would like to deepen your understanding of the yoni's mysteries

  • would like to explore the mechanisms of squirting

  • are interested in exploring queer sex with yonis

What is included​

  • Anatomy of the womb, vulva and vagina, mapping out erogenous zones (A-spot, O-spot, the Cervix, G-spot, clitoral complex).

  • Yoni libation massage and worship

  • Squirtshop

  • Genital reflexology

  • The art of pleasuring a pussy

  • Fingering 101

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