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Dimensions of Pleasure

Sensual Woman


Self Paced

womans waist with pink roses

A journey of embodiment, somatic teachings and dance to reclaim our sexual and sensual sovereignty in a space where you can feel safe to explore and express your eroticism, your sensuality, and your pleasure.

This program has been created to help women and vulva havers connect to their sensuality in a world where we are often too terrified or ashamed to truly embody ourinner temptress, sacred slut, our wild woman and sensual goddess.

This offering includes three different journey, embodying three different aspects of the sensual woman. In the first journey, we explore the overall sensual woman, cultivating a strong foundation in our sensuality. In the second journey we connect with our wild sensual woman. In our third journey we explore our seductive sensual woman.

​This program is for you if you have experienced:

  • shame in expressing your seductress/temptress

  • an inability to feel beautiful in your natural form

  • Use feminine power for manipulation

  • shame over your sexuality and sensuality

  • disconnect from pleasure, love, beauty

  • unhealthy self talk

​Some prospects covered​

  • Sensual, sexual and seductive dance and song

  • Archetypal exploration

  • Sensual embodiment 

  • Yoni connection

​The content in the first journey

Four dance routines to create a dance to an entire song- PILLOWTALK

Four weekly exercises to connect you to your sensuality 

Exercises to reconnect to love, pleasure and beauty

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