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Dimensions of Pleasure

Self Pleasure Challenge


7 Days

woman's hand with a handcuff holding a rose

7 day self pleasure challenge

Make this easy peasy 7 day commitment to pleasure to help you to create new habits in your pleasure in order to make your pleasure more of a priority. Because you deserve pleasure, because pleasure is key to our health as humans, and because why not! It's fun, enjoyable, and yummy!

We often put our pleasure on the back burner, or we rush it! Life can be so stressful, there can be so much grief and pain, so we need to make sure that we also truly relish in the beauty and sweetness of the pleasure that is available to each and every one of us.

On this 7 day journey, we explore the unique blockages you hold around expereincing your full pleasure potential, and with a curious mind and open heart we find ways for you to work through and transmute these blockages.

We then find ways in which that are realistic for you to be able to incorporate more pleasure into your lives.

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