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My journey with Rose Quartz & Jade Yoni Eggs

Updated: Apr 12

The Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

My journey into the world of yoni eggs began with a deep desire to connect even deeper with my yoni. I had been on the journey of sexual self discovery for a couple of years prior, and when I heard of yoni eggs I knew that this was going to be a beautiful practice for me, as I had been working with crystals ever since I was around 13 years old.

The rose quartz yoni egg was my first encounter with this practice. I had chosen to begin this journey with rose quartz as it had always been a favourite crystal of mine. Rose quartz is also known for its gentle, loving energy, and feels like a warm embrace, so it made sense to me to start with this crystal.

Plant Teachers

I developed a ritual that involved meditations with the rose quartz egg, and each session was a practice of nurturing self-care, a time to focus on love and compassion for myself. During these meditations, I would bring in the medicine of cacao and blue lotus before I would insert my egg (see more on my practice for insertion etc this here) and I would use visualization techniques. Onc of which would be activating the crystal's energy, and then imagining its soft, pink energy spreading through my body, focusing particularly on my womb. This ritual wasn't just a physical practice; it was a spiritual one that allowed me to infuse my entire being with the egg's nurturing energy.

I also began with some physical exercises where I began to notice the subtle sensations in my yoni becoming more pronounced. Both the practice itself and the rose quartz egg seemed to gently coax my body into a state of heightened awareness, making me more attuned to the delicate energies flowing through me.

The rose quartz brought a sense of support and lightness to my practice. It felt like being cradled in loving arms, a reminder that self-love and care are vital for my well-being. This gentle stone taught me the importance of treating myself with kindness and patience.

My current practice with my rose quartz egg is incredibly intuitive. I tend to bring my rose quartz yoni egg practice back when I am feeling I am needing more self care, more compassion or some gentle healing.

The Jade Yoni Egg

After some time, I introduced the jade yoni egg into my practice. Jade is revered for its balancing and harmonizing properties, and I was intrigued by what it could offer. The jade egg seemed to act as a magnifier of emotions. Where rose quartz brought a soothing, gentle energy, jade brought intensity and focus. I found that my emotional state was more pronounced during practices with the jade egg. It demanded a deeper level of mindfulness and presence.

Daoist Teachers

Before I dove too deeply into the Jade practice, I sought out experienced teachers, Justina Casuarina and Minke De Vos, and truly explored the depths of my physical and spiritual feminine essence with them.

With my Justina I explored:

Mastering Yoni Muscles: I learned to control and engage my yoni muscles, gaining awareness and dexterity. This practice enhanced my connection with my body, and made it so I had complete control over each band of muscles within my yoni.

Yoni Reflexology: discovered how stimulating specific points with the jade egg could balance my energy and emotions, contributing to holistic well-being.

Plus, so so much more.

With Minke De Vos, who is trained in the art of taosit tantra for women, I was able to embody the teachings that I had already learned with Justina and learn some new practices.

If you cant work with a teacher I highly recommend the books

  1. Emergence of the Sensual Woman by Saida Desilets (the teacher of my teacher

  2. Taoist Tantric Arts for Women - Minke De Vos (who learned from the same teacher Saida learned from)

My journey

Jade is known for its connection to vitality and its ability to balance feminine energies. It has a more grounded, earthy energy compared to the lightness of rose quartz. This stone is often associated with wisdom and prosperity, and it brought a different dimension to my practice.

My rituals with the jade egg were similar to those with rose quartz but had a more focused energy. While rose quartz spread a blanket of nurturing love, jade felt like it was channeling energy directly to my center, reinforcing my inner strength and balance. I also used green tea and mugwort as my plant allies for my jade practice, which felt as though it connected me deeply with the lineage of this ancient practice. I also stored my yoni egg on mugwort leaves, & would smudge my womb and egg with mugwort.

Using the jade egg helped me feel more connected to my physical body. It was as if the stone's energy was helping me to ground myself, to find stability and strength from within. This practice became a powerful tool for centering myself, especially during times of stress or imbalance.

As with my rose quartz and my obsidian yoni eggs (see more on my obsidian yoni egg journey here), I use my jade girl very intuitively. I do not use it religiously as my teacher Justina did, but rather whenever I am feeling to connct in with the exercises and energy that I do with it and that it brings up in me. I also use it when I feel the need for grounding, as well as to pivot towards something new and fresh.

I hope my journey has helped you have an insight into these precious stones and ancient practice. If you would like to journey deeply with these eggs, and learn a whole lot of other others around your pleasure, check out our Dimensions of Pleasure bundle of all things personal pleasure here. For all things partnerd pleasure, see here.

May the pleasure be with you alllll! Love Kiki xx

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