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My Journey with Obsidian

Updated: Apr 12

Around six or seven years ago, I began a journey with my Obsidian Yoni Egg, that was compeletly magickal, transformative, heart opening, yet also .... incredibly testing, painful and at times even a little terrifying.

The recommended protocol for this journey was straightforward - use my egg for six nights each week, aligning with three weeks of my menstrual cycle and resting during my period.

However, my body, my psyche/the universe had other plans for me. The practice induced vivid dreams, so intense and otherworldly that they honestly felt to me were glimpses into parallel lifetimes. The dreams weren't just dreams; they were visceral experiences that shook me to my core. Consequently, I had to modify the protocol, reducing my practice to two nights a week just so I could functionin my life, as at the time I was running a women's centre solo.

This unexpected detour wasn't a setback but an initiation into my own darkness. After some getting used to, the obsidian egg became a catalyst for confronting and processing unresolved grief, sadness, and trauma. It was as if the stone had opened a door to a room within my soul that I had kept locked for years. Through this journey, I worked through layers of ancestral trauma, unraveling the tangled threads of my family's history (I'll share about this in another post).


To aid in this profound journey, I was taught by a teacher at the time, Sharon Bolt, to do various protective spells and practices (I reallllly recommend to have support with this particular practice and stone). These rituals were more than mere actions; they were conversations with my soul, helping me to clarify my intentions and shield my energy. Each practice felt like a step closer to understanding the complexities of my inner world.

I was also guided to use the plant medicines of rose and tobacco during this journey, which over these past years have become powerful plant allies of mine.

My practices were also influenced by the teachings of the Sun and Moon Temple of the Mayan grandmothers, During my initial protocol time, I felt so connected to the ancient wisdom of Mayan grandmothers, which are neighbours of my Cree ancestors. The Mayan grandmothers had revered obsidian for its cleansing and protective properties, believing it to be a conduit for deep spiritual healing.

My current Practice

Over the past six or so years I have cycled in and out of this practice with the Obsidian egg. At times I have lost it, other times I have buried it to give it back to the earth for a while, oftentimes I have sat it on my altar.. and every so often, when I feel the call to do some work on this cyclic journey of healing, my obsidian egg is nestled inside of me, snuggled up near my womb.

I have no doubt that it this practice has been one of the things that has taught me the most about resilience, sexual healing, and the unbreakable bond with the women in my lineage and across the globe/timelines/lifetimes. This journey was not just about confronting my shadows, but also about embracing the light that was always within me, waiting to be discovered.

I have also had the privledge of intiating and midwifing others on this journey, something that I do every so often when I am sure to have enough space to hold all that comes with this practice.

If being supported on a practice like this is calling you, please feel free to reach out. If I have space and it feels right for you, we may journey together. If not, I know some very special people that may have more time than I do, or that you may resonate with more.

In gratitude and service, Kiki xx

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