Womb & Blood Magick

These offerings all revolve around menstrual/lunar cycles, wombs or womb space, menstruation, and blood magick. They range from month long programs, to downloadable print-outs, e-books, and more.


Know Your Cycles

This program for any sister who is experiencing the following: Irregular and/or painful periods and/or premenstrual tension, emotional instability, anxiety, overwhelmed.(Especially if any of these experiences are inhibiting your lived experience of love, joy and pleasure)

Cycle Tracker

This tool has been created to connect you to your cycle and the moon.The Cycle Tracker Includes:28 Spaces to fill in information about your cycleDots you can connect with pencil to break each day into 3 sectionsFour archetypal paintings to track along your journey: Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone.​

Cyclic Living Exercise

Follow along with this free video guide as a way to better optimize your cycles to align with the rest of your life.

Menstrual Magick Booklet

This guide has been created for womben of all ages that are bleeding in hopes that an honouring of our sacred blood and moontime will once again be revered as it was pre -patriarchy.

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