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Womb Connection Bundle

These tools have been created for transgender, crone (menopausal) womben, and for those who have had a hysterectomy. The cycle tracker is designed to help you to connect to the cyclic nature of the moon and the feminine, by tracking how your feel each day of the lunar cycle. The guided meditation is designed to connect you to your energetic womb. 

The Lunar Tracker Includes:

  • 28 Spaces to fill in information about each day of the month

  • Dots you can connect with pencil to break each day into 3 sections

  • Four archetypal paintings to track along your journey: Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone.

Archetype paintings by Hannah Vela

Cycle Design by Jesse Sohn

The Mediation Includes:

  • A guided journey to connect in to your energetic womb space

  • Cathartic practices to expel grief and connect to the voice of  your womb

Pleasure Profile Paper: Mission
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