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Q is for Quiet Sex

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Here are 10 reasons why you want to be making noise while having partnered and solo sex.

How much sound do you make when having partnered sex?

How about when having solo sex?

Do you allow yourself to moan and groan?

Are these sounds performed or are they genuine? Do they mimic the sounds of a porn star Or do they come from the bottom of your soul?

There are many reasons as to why making authentic sounds of bliss and raw pleasure while making love with ourselves and others is beneficial for our sex lives, below are 10 to get you started:

  1. it can help us to feel less inhibited or shy in our self and partnered pleasure

  2. it can enhance our arousal

  3. it can help us to utilise our breath in our pleasure, expanding our pleasure potential

  4. it is a huge turn on to hear our partner's moan and groan in pleasure (as well. as hearing our own moans and groans of delight)

  5. it can help to communicate what we like and dislike

  6. it can connect us to our animalistic sexual nature

  7. it can help us to connect to our voice

  8. it can help dissolve what we think sex should look and sound like

  9. it can help us to feel closer to our partner

  10. it can help to bring our sexual energy upwards from the genitals towards the throat and the rest of the body, expanding our pleasure and orgasmic potential

If making sounds feels scary or difficult for you there are some ways you can ease yourself into this practice (if you are interested of course- there is nothing wrong with you if you feel safer and more comfy remaining quite in your self and partnered pleasure). You can pop some music on to help mask out the sounds if you are in close quarters with others. You can have a conversation around wanting to explore your sounds more with your partner so that they can encourage and support you. You can start gently with softer sounds. You can explore the range of your sounds in a non erotic context top get comfy with all of the sounds you can make.

Whether you make sounds in your pleasure or not, the main thing is for those of you wanting to experience erotic pleasure, is that you make your pleasure a priority- in whatever way makes you feel the best, and if you manage to include some sexy sounding in there as well, good for you! If not- not to worry! We do not want to be adding pressure or feelings of inadequacy to an often delicate aspect of our self love.

If you would like to know your pleasure a little more, check out this beautiful offering that I share with women to connect deeper to more than just their voice in sex.

If you would like to experience porn that does not include acting or performing check out our Ethical Porn site.

May the pleasure be with you all! Kiki xox

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