Know Your Pleasure

Self Guided

It is with so much pleasure that I share this program with those of you feeling called. This program was birthed through my own experience of toxic masculine approaches to sexuality and then my discovery of tantra, taoism and divine feminine approaches to sexuality, along with an in-depth understanding of the female sexual response cycle that I have of the experience of the female body through my studies of sexology.​

Who is the program for?
This program is designed for any sister that is feeling the following:

  • disconnected from their yoni and sexuality

  • pain in their yoni while making love

  • unable to feel pleasure or reach orgasmic states

  • dissatisfied with their sexual experiences

  • curiousity about exploring feminine sexuality

Included in the program

  • Teaching on practices and techniques on slow/feminine sex

  • Teachings on orgasmic breathwork

  • Teachings on anatomy

  • Teachings on the female sexual response cycle

  • Teachings on boundary setting

  • Teachings on womb guidance and listening for our "yes" and "no"

  • Teachings on the lunar mysteries

  • Skills to use to best support your sexuality through each phase of your cycle

  • Skills to communicate desires

  • Ample amounts of tools and techniques to truly understand yourself and change old patterns

The other reason the program takes 28 days is because it takes 21 days to break a habit and a lot of our unconscious behaviours throughout our cycle are deeply embedded and need time and dedication to shift. It is a really holistic way to approach the topic. 

$66.66 (valued at $222.22)