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C is for Candidiasis

Candida is a natural fungus that lives in the body, and when in balance it is vital for our overall health. However, due to diet, medication and stress an over growth of candida occurs resulting in candidiasis, aka thrush, candida infection or yeast infection. Candidiasis can lead to itching, cottage cheese-like discharge. This infection is extremely common and can be the cause discomfort during sex, especially when feeling a stinging or burning sensation. These symptoms can also be due to an STI/STD or BV (bacterial vaginosis), which we will explore in another article.

The root cause of Candida is diet and lifestyle, therefore it is best to work with a nutritionist to help with healing the gut and balancing candida levels. Working with a practitioner that specialises in this area is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend Adrienne Rommel from the Yoni Nutitionist.

For more immediate help you can see a health care practitioner such as a naturopath or GP, or you can go to the pharmacy to grab some of that good ol' Canesten cream we vulva havers know all too well about.

Some of the more immediate remedies that I have used that have worked in the past are:

  • Watered down apple cider vinegar in a bath or a wash cloth to help balance the pH of the yoni (the yoni pH should be at 4/4.5 which is quite acidic).

  • Drinking plenty of water.

  • Reducing stress.

  • Eliminating sugar.

  • The Candida diet.

  • Letting the yoni breathe (no tight fitting clothes or synthetic fibres).

  • Yoni and undies in the sun.

  • Gut healing diet.

  • Pau de arco tea or tincture

  • And yes, Canesten

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