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N is for Nipples

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Our nipples are such a magical part of the body, though their role in pleasure for all sexes

can oftentimes be overlooked.

This can be due to the fact that nipple stimulation and/or pleasure is generally only ever demonstrated on vulva-havers, leaving penis-havers out of the mix. There may also an aversion to seeming "gay" or too "feminine" in our homophobic and misogynistic society.

It can also be due to the fact that while many people experience immense pleasure through nipple stimulation, many others experience numbness, and stimulation of their nipples therefore becomes much more about giving than receiving, creating the illusion, or idea, or even legacy that nipple play is for the delight of the player, than the playee (even if the player is unawares to this fact).

Another reason why nipple play can be overlooked due to a lack of understanding as to what to do with them, so they may be avoided out of fear of "doing it wrong", negative past experiences or a lack of communication.

Why is nipple play so important?

Our nipples activate the same sensory areas of the brain as the cervix, vagina and clitoris, which is why breast play can be so helpful in our arousal or foreplay process.

Vulva-havers oftentimes feel uncomfortable when a lover heads straight to the vulva/clitoris/internal realm in sexual intimacy. We oftentimes like/need to be warmed up beforehand in our own unique ways.

Vulva havers generally speaking are slow burners, taking much longer to become engorged than penis-havers, and it isn't until we are fully engorged that we have access to maximum internal pleasure.

While nipples can be extremely sensitive, they are far less innervated than the clitoris, and stimulating/giving pleasure to this region can therefore be far less complicated.

Oxytocin plays many different roles in our relating, pleasure and bodily behaviours, some of which overlapping, such as breast feeding, arousal, bonding, birth and orgasm.

Hence why the nipples, the function of which being breast feeding, are connected to sexual functions, explaining why the nipples and genitalia activate the same part of the brain.

As someone who does not plan on having children or breastfeeding I feel pretty lucky that I have this added erogenous zone-my nipples are super sensitive and LOVE being stimulated. Though that is not always the case. However, there are techniques to increase sensitivity should you wish, which I share in my mini online breast care course.

I would also like to add here that if you are contemplating nipple piercings to increase sensitivity there is said to be a 50/50 chance of losing sensitivity, so I would personally recommend take this route as a last resort.

Nipple play can be extremely pleasurable for penis-havers too! Thanks to the way we have evolved, penis-havers also get the added bonus of sensuous nipples, if they so wish to explore this part of their body.

That being said, nipple play is not for everyone. For some people it is aggravating, for others nipple play is too sensitive. We are all different and perfect as we are!

Much love to you all! Kiki xx

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