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...with a meditation
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Get comfy, get cozy, and listen to this whenever you need it.
next, let's map your pleasure
This tool has been created to help you to open up the conversation surrounding what you want and need in your partnered pleasure. I know that sometimes this conversation can be really difficult, which is why this paper was created. You can fill it out on your own to get to know your body more, or with a partner
start your 7 day yoni love challenge

Labia shame is commonplace, and labiaplasty is on the rise, which is directly linked to the miseducation given through pornography, as well as the lack of knowledge on the vulval genitalia in general.


This 7 day challenge is a journey for anyone that feels either shame over the appearance, scent or taste of their vulva, or would simply like to learn more about their yoni and/or feel more connected to it. (click here on day two)

finish with some healthy habits

While vibrating sex toys and porn can be problematic at times in our sexuality, it does not need to be!


Learn how to implement healthy habits for optimal usage of both vibrators with our "Buzz Basics" manual, and  best  porn practices with our "Erotica Expertise" manual.

    If you are someone who has a learning disability, or a disability in general that you feel would inhibit your access to studies, please speak with Kiki about this in your interview call so that you can both explore options that may help you.
    The Yonilicious Academy offers one partial scholarship per year to individuals who are experiencing financial hardship and are disadvantaged in their day to day life due to their race, ethnicity, background, or sexual orientation. If this is you, please speak with Kiki about applying for the scholarship before enrolment. **Applications for scholarships for 2023 and 2024 are closed. Applications will be open again at the end of 2024.
    The Yonilicious Academy offers one partial scholarship per year for single mothers experiencing financial hardship. If you need help with tuition, please speak to Kiki about applying for this scholarship. **Applications for scholarships for 2023 and 2024 are closed. Applications will be open again at the end of 2024.
    If you do not feel you can make it to the in-person training, please speak to Kiki as there are certain situations where Kiki has been able to facilitate the complete training for students who live far from the in-person training, or have certain obstacles or disabilities that do not permit them to coming to the in-person training.

still want more?

Kiki has intentionally created three different bundles of all of her offerings in order to make these pre-recorded visually rich & in-depth programs much more accessible. Each offering has a different focus, depending on where you are at in your sexual journey.

Image by Alexander Grey

Dimensions of PLeasure

For  the self focused journey, we will explore blockages in your own personal experience of pleasure, expression of your sensuality and raw and wild self. This journey is perfect for everyone whether in a partnership or not.

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journey to your

sensual & sexual self


the art of
love making

Art of Love Peonies.png

For the partnered focused journey, we will dive deep into the sexual ego, true vulnerability, sacred and slow sex, sexual edges and of course, communication. You can take this journey with a partner, or do it in preparation for a future partnership.

journey to your

sensual & sexual partner

eros unleashed

Eros Unleashed.png

For the Eros Unleashed membership, you will not only gain access to both the self and partnered focused journeys, but you will also have lifetime access to all of Kiki's online current and future short courses, including the womb & blood magick bundle.

journey through all of kiki's courses and learn both

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