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the erotic map

This tool has been designed to help you better understand your personal pleasure profile, as well as your lover’s and your shared pleasure profile. It is also designed to help you to increase your sexual intelligence, to empower you with language and communication skills and to encourage making your pleasure a priority. This tool honours the fact that each and every individual experiences pleasure differently, and that it is impossible for us to know exactly what another person likes and dislikes. This tool is therefore like a cheat sheet in creating more pleasurable experiences in your partnered pleasure. Remember that your/your partner’s pleasure profile can change over the course of an hour, a day, a month or a year, and that it is something that you can constantly reassess and update as you see fit. Also remember that your pleasure is your responsibility, and that your partner's is theirs. It is best to explore this profiling tool on your own initially and then to go through it again with your lover so that you can tap into your uninhibited unfiltered pleasure profile. When sharing with a partner you may wish to draw each other naked and write on the different areas what you like to do, you may like to film or voice record what you share to revise each other’s pleasure profile. You may like to practise each section of the map part by part, taking your time, or you may just like to fill it out old fashioned style (though this can take some time and get a little dry). Please try to answer the question in this map as honestly and accurately as possible. If you don’t feel safe to share your pleasure profile with your partner it may be time to reassess your relationship. May the pleasure be with you all, Kiki xx

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