Trainings and Certifications

These Trainings are for those sisters who would like to begin their career in the field of sexuality. They are also good for sisters already in the industry who would like to up-skill or gain certification.


Yoni Massage Practitioner

Dismantling the patriarchy from the inside out. This 6 month certified course shares on an ancient and powerful therapeutic modality, which is so highly demanded and needed. This course is offered either partially online with a 4 day in-person intensive in Australia, or fully online, with the guidance of Kiki. Upon graduation insurance can be gained with BMI via IICT. 


Sex Coach Training

A fun and dynamic way to learn the sex-ed we all deserve. This 6 month online certified training is for those sisters who are interested in helping others in their sexuality, while exploring their own along the way. It is perfect for those who already have experience in the field, wishing to gain certification and insurance, as well as for those sisters feeling called who are exploring this work for the first time. Upon graduation insurance can be gained with BMI via IICT.


Female Sexuality Specialist Training

Initiating with men and women in feminine sex. This partially certified course is a 9-12 month intensive training includes our certified Therapeutic Yoni Massage & Sex Coach Training, as well as our Priestess Mentorship. All courses are taught in a cyclic feminine way using the elements as well as the phases of the lunar and menstrual cycle.


Priestess Mentorship

Initiating (primarily men) into the love arts. This four month training is for those female-bodied people who feel called to initiate men into the love arts on how to understand and pleasure a woman. It is up to the individual preistess herself as to how she would like to share her medicine, which can involve intimacy, body work, sex work, or simply online non-intimate settings. This offering tends to morph and change over time, bending to the priestess needs.


Women's Circle Facilitation

Keeping the fire burning of the tradition of circle holding. This four week training has been created for sisters feeling called to inspire the ripple effect of evolution through sitting in circle. It is taught in sync with the phases of the moon and covers all aspects of circle from a heart-centered and grounded place. We cover various circle-keeping practices including the mystical practice of yoni gazing.

Certified Graduates


Rachael White

Yoni Mapping/Massage PractitionerWomen’s sexuality coachHelping women reconnect with their body & expand their pleasure potential

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