Rose Temple 1:1 Program

This program is for any sister who feels disconnected from the feminine aspects of themselves, who would like to connect deeply to their womb wisdom and cyclic nature, who want to feel comfortable embodying their sensuality and sexuality, and who want to understand their pleasure deeply.

Temple of Feminine Pleasure 

It is with so much pleasure that I share this program with those of you feeling called. This program was birthed through my own experience of toxic masculine approaches to sexuality, the complete dismissal of the feminine, including the feminine approach to sexuality, as well as the societal oppression of sexuality in general (especially for womben).


It is also birthed through my discovery of sacred sexuality, tantra, taoism and feminine wisdom in sexuality, plus my in-depth understanding of the female body and sexual response cycle that I have gained through my personal experience and studies of sexology.

Who is the program for?

This program is designed for any sister that is feeling the following:

  • disconnected from their yoni, femininity, sensuality and sexuality

  • pain or numbness in their yoni while making love or self pleasuring

  • unable to drop into pleasure, surrender to the chaos of the feminine and reach orgasmic states

  • dissatisfied with their sexual experiences and education on relationships, emotional intelligence and communication

  • a desire to explore the sacred feminine arts and archetypes, feminine and masculine sacred union, cyclic living and the blood mysteries

The program: 
There are a few different ways that we journey through this container of 12 weeks together, which is something that we can work out prior to starting as well as along the way. 

This 3-month container is a really holistic way to approach sexual evolution.

While I love one-off sessions and workshops -which can certainly make huge changes in sister's lives- I have found it isn't as sustainable as this integrative deep-dive approach. 

What is included:

  • Up to 12 X 90-120min 1:1 face to face sessions each phase of the cycle (either in person or via Skype). These can be somewhat flexible within reason. 

  • Teachings on practices and techniques on slow/feminine sex

  • Teachings on orgasmic breathwork

  • Teachings on the various archetypal expressions of the Goddess of womban (beyond what patriarchy has demonstrated for us) i.e. Lilith, Kali, Aphrodite, Hecate, The Sacred Slut, Temptress and many more. 

  • Teachings on the female sexual response cycle and anatomy

  • Teachings on boundary setting, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and radical honesty

  • Teachings on womb guidance and listening for our "yes" and "no". Honing our gnosis, connecting to our unique extrasensory gifts

  • Teachings on the lunar mysteries and blood magick 

  • Exploration and transmutation of blockages, shadows, traumas and the wounding of our inner child and of the feminine

  • Embodiment practices to integrate the new neural pathways of pleasure, connection, self understanding and sensuality.

  • Skills to use to best support your sexuality through each phase of your cycle

  • Sacred union of the inner feminine and masculine, as well as communication skills for sacred union with another

  • Creating an in-depth understanding of your own unique pleasure profile, feminine and masculine profile, and cyclic profile, all of which will help you to better communicate your needs with your partners, as well as honour your needs moment by moment. 

  • Create a sustainable, cyclic way of living so that your cyclic nature works for you, rather than against you. 

  • Unlimited texts so you have constant support while you go through your processes and recognise your triggers- calls also possible, (if you don't get through to me I will get back to you within 24 hours)

  • Powerful tools and techniques to dive deep into potential blockages, beliefs and ideas that are affecting your sex life. (These are taught both during our face to face workshop style sessions as well as through our calls and texts)

If it is a FULL BODY "YES!"...
"Yes, I am feeling called to reclaim sovereignty and power in my femininity, sensuality and sexuality!!"
I would love to work with you. 

By journeying together through a 3-month container we are creating expansive and dedicated time and space to for real sustainable and embodied change in your habits, beliefs and experience of sex, love, pleasure, intimacy and sensuality. 

You are also saving more than $2222 by joining a program vs having 0ne-off sessions. 


Valued at $5555.55

I also have 4-12 week payment plan option for those sisters who truly need it.

If you are wanting to step into this field as a professional please see my certified trainings page where you can not only create healing in your sexuality, but also help others to do the same. 

Blessings in gratitude and service to you dear sister. 
Kristin xx