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O is for Orgasmic Breathing

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Our breath is one of our most resourceful allies in our pleasure expansion. not only does it help us to get out of our head and become more deeply connected to our bodies, it can also help us to move sexual energy around our body and to build our bodily sensations to create much more powerful orgasms.

I remember the first time I brought my awareness to my breath.

I was at a sacred sexuality retreat where all of the participants and facilitators were naked for the four days of the retreat.

During this particular exercise, we were all lying on our back as two facilitators walked around the room guiding us to our breath. I was amazed at the sensations I was feeling in my yoni while doing the exercises. I am usually pretty orgasmic, but this was next level!

As I kept on with the practice, I could feel the pleasure expanding beyond my yoni towards my fingers and toes, though the strongest sensations were in my yoni. And then out of nowhere, I could feel my body beginning to convulse like it did with internal orgasms! I was cumming from the breath alone!

The pleasure that I experienced on the floor that day was incomparable to any other pleasurable sensations I had ever felt (except maybe when I would have an influx of adrenaline and endorphins when cheating, though that is a story on my infidelity fetish and its healing for another day).

Not only that, I had gotten myself into a n altered state of consciousness, creating a hallucinogenic experience where I could see, hear, taste and smell my yoni all at once.

My mind was absolutely BLOWN (as was my pussy/entire body). I could not believe what had been made possible in my pleasure, just from the conscious use of the breath.

Ever since that retreat I have incorporated orgasmic breathing into my workshops and 1:1 sessions whenever and wherever I can, and time and time again, the results are almost always profound, with most people experiencing expanded pleasure.

However, I always let them know that their body's wisdom and pleasure needs will guide them, and that each person's experience is entirely different, and that it is super important to not go into the session with any goals other than to give the body space to feel, move and sound.

While I was living in Bali I met an AMAZING breathwork facilitator who told me that she had attendees coming to her after group sessions, telling her that they would experience orgasms in her classes!

As we were already great friends it felt destined for us to work together, so we created a workshop together called BREATHGASM, which was so fun, as we bring very different energies that are extremely symbiotic, as well as different skill sets. I shared on anatomy and the science of female arousal, while Sara led most of the breathwork exercises.

If you came to our last when, then, you know how that went.... AMAZINGLY! SO many sisters were able to explore their pleasure beyond what they had ever experienced. Many of the attendees also spoke about how they saw sex and pleasure differently, and how they felt more in their body than every before.

It was sooo beautiful!

If you were unable to attend our past workshop, you are in LUCK, as we have another one coming up in February 2022!

If you are feeling called grab your early bird tix here before mid January to get $20 AUD off :)

Much love and may the pleasure be with you allll! Kiki xx

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