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T is for Turn Ons

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Turn ons are different for everyone. However as a rule of thumb females respond best when approached from the furthest reach of the genitals inwards, toward the genitalia, and males in the opposite direction, meaning that they respond best when stimulating the genitals and then bringing that energy outwards to the rest of the body.

How that manifests is different for everyone. For me my nervous systems begins to relax when Jesse helps reduce stressors in my life such as cleaning or admin.

Then I love a massage or light touch on my skin, or both (all depending on where I’m at in my cycle).

Then once I’m all loose and my skin is alive with touch I like my breasts caressed.

And then, once my Yoni, my heart, all of my bodies begin to open do I feel ready for attention on my vulva. And once enough attention is given there only then am I ready for internal pleasure.

This isn’t an always thing in my pleasure, but rather a safe bet.

For Jesse stimulation of their genitals initially is preferred and then a drawing out of the energy with gentle touch on the back and face and scalp. We can then also take it further with role play and other activities using Jesse’s peaked arousal and masculine spark to take us literally anywhere.

How do you enjoy being turned on? I’d love to read in the comments below!

Much love and happy turn ons to you all!

Kristin xx

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