E is for Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs have been used for centuries by women wanting to connect deeply to their yoni and to enhance their sexual pleasure.

My personal journey with yoni eggs has been one of both healing and sensitisation to the point where I can now easily access orgasmic pleasure in my yoni just by connecting to her with my mind! I am now so much more aware of the subtle sensations and can feel so much more in my pleasure.

That being said I don't want to "sell" you on using yoni eggs. I am sure that there are other ways to access these kinds of releases and sensations. However, if this tool is something that you would like to include in your sexual toolkit, I'd love to give you some information on best practice.

First of all, when using a yoni egg, you want to be sure to use gemologist approved stones that are not porous. I personally recommend, nephrite jade, rose quartz and obsidian.

In this article I have included a protocol to follow when using either a rose quartz egg or a jade egg. For obsidian stay tuned to my "personal stories" column for my own journey with obsidian.

How to use a rose quartz or jade yoni egg.

1st step Create an altar for your egg. Placing whatever you feel called to put on your altar around your egg with your egg in the centre. You can take your time getting to know your particular stone, or the energy of rose quartz in general, or you may feel really comfortable already working with it and begin straight away. II personally love to use something special to sit my egg inside, like a shell or a pouch made from beautiful fabrics .

2nd step Cleanse your egg physically and energetically. I use castille soap and warm water to cleanse my egg physically and I bathe my egg in the moon or sunlight for 8 or so hours. I also use my breath to blow on the stone if I want a quick energetic cleanse. 3rd step Prayers and intention setting Invite the energy of rose quartz in, ask for its assistance, thank it for its help. This is also when you would set your intention for using the egg, supercharging its powers!

4th step Take one arm's length of organic chemical-free floss and thread it through the hole and tie it in a knot as close to the egg as you can.

5th step Massage the feet, breasts, inner thighs, abdomen, vulva and womb (remembering that the womb is just behind where the pubic bone sits and the ovaries are a hand-spand with fingers splayed with the thumb in the belly button and the ring/little finger touching the ovaries).

You can also gently stroke the skin opening the energy bodies up. While doing this have your egg laying on your body so it can warm up before putting her inside.You can also sit cross legged, with the heel of one foot pushing gently against the vulva, stimulating the clitoris.

Pressure points on the feet: in between the inner ankle bone and the heel of the foot (uterus point), in between the outer ankle bone and the heal of the foot (ovary point), and across the top of the foot from ankle bon to ankle bone (fallopian tubes).

6th step Once you feel relaxed place your hands on your heart and womb and have an internal chat with your yoni, asking your yoni if you are ready for penetration. Once you hear a "yes" you can continue.

7th step Put some organic oil on your egg. I use my Yoni Elixir for my lubricant as it is DIVINE!

And I use yoni eggs and other pleasure tools from the Yoni Pleasure Palace.

8th step Place the larger end of the egg at the entrance of the yoni and hold it there until you feel your yoni sipping it in. If this doesn't happen and you still feel a "yes" from your yoni for insertion, gently insert the egg as you would a tampon. Your yoni egg will move on its own and find the right place to nestle in and share its medicine from.

9th step Then you can begin with gentle exercises. One or two exercises are enough, however if you complete all 6 you get extra points.

Exercise 1 Repeated bridge pose 10 X Exercise 2 Lay on your back while lifting both legs to so knees are bent, shins parallel to the ground, then touch one toe to the floor gently at a time 10 X

Exercise 3 Sit up, with legs bent slightly and feet on the floor, leaning back onto one arm while gently holding the string with the other hand. Gently pull on the string while you breathe in and tighten the pelvic floor, and then breathe out as you loosen the grip on the string and gently push as though you are going to birth the egg 10 X Exercise 4 While seated spread the legs out wide and do mini circles with the torso with a focus on the pelvic floor region, breathing in squeezing, breathing out releasing. 10-20 X Exercise 5 Hop on all fours and do cat cow, but serpent style moving your hips in all directions while contracting and relaxing the yoni muscles. Adding some lion's roars with the mouth wide open and tongue poking out. 10 X

Exercise 6 Lay on your tummy and press weight into your left hip, then the pubic bone, then the right hip, then lift the pelvis off the floor and start again, rocking side to side. 20 X Feel free in all exercise to explore what works best for your body Then you can go about your day with your yoni egg activating you all day. I feel it is best to give the yoni a rest at night.

To take it out simply hop on the toilet or in the shower and work it out sending love and gratitude to the energy of rose quartz, and if you like using the power of intent to ask it to please draw out anything that you no longer need energetically. Do not do this laying down (speaking from experience!!) Feel free to use your fingers to help scoop it out.

Then you can give it a physical and energetic wash and start again the next day. Definitely also give your yoni a break during bleeding if you are still cycling.

I recommend max 6 days on 1 day off 3 weeks of the cycle.

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