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Magida Ezzat

NLP Specialist, Childhood Trauma Transformation

Magida is passionate about helping women who have suffered from childhood abuse to end the cycle of Transgenerational Trauma once and for all.

After herself experiencing the significant effects of living with DV in her formative years, Magida spent over 15 years attempting to move through the pain and shame through traditional talk therapy and multiple other modalities, only to find she wasn’t getting the results she truly wished for. Finally Magida was exposed to the wonderful world of NLP and Hypnotherapy and found her positive results to be extremely impactful and immediate. She quickly left behind the uncontrollable emotional outbursts, the perfectionism, the self punishing behaviours and the unfulfilling relationships. 

Since that first experience, Magida has immersed herself in learning and training with some of the modalities best around the world and has over 500 clinical hours with some truly magical results. Today she hosts a variety of workshops, retreats and online events to help support the very women she feels most called to - those like her, who went through the trauma of growing up in a DV home. 

Magida Ezzat
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