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Liz Gorga

Yoni Massage Therapist, Sex Coach


I’m a pleasure-seeker, world wanderer & I live for new experiences. Life has taken me on a wild ride that has been filled with both juiciness & heartache - both of which have led me to where I am today.

Growing up in a conservative family in New Jersey, I discovered my sexuality much earlier than the rest of my social circle. As a teenager, I prided myself on my open mind, curiosity & YES attitude when it came to sex. But one day in my mid-20s, I woke up feeling nothing by numbness & disconnection.

Triggered by back-to-back HSV1 & HPV diagnoses, I began to loathe my body. My confidence shrank. I cut myself off from pleasure. I began to feel immense pain in sex after a traumatic surgery to remove pre-cancer cells on my cervix. Combine this with decades of social conditioning & sex shaming & I began to reject all parts of the Feminine that lived within me.

My disconnection began to ripple into every aspect of my being - slowly my passion faded in my relationships, work & approach towards life.

My journey back to myself has been long, with lots of highs & lows. It all began with re-educating myself & the realisation that I actually had very little knowledge about the female body, how it works & the magic that can occur when we approach sexuality from a place of empowerment.

Fast forward to today, where I stand before you as a woman who is deeply connected to her body & in tune with her sexuality & desires. A woman who puts pleasure at the top of her priority list.

I acknowledge that healing is a lifelong journey & I commit to the process within myself. Every. Single. Day. I only hope that I can guide you through yours, too.

Liz Gorga
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