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Alana Mountain

Yoni Massage Therapist, Taurus, Ritualist, Witch, Writer

Hiya there and welcome! My name is Alana Mountain & I am here to offer & create safe containers for healing & transformation. I traverse consciously & lovingly. I invite you to do the same.

Nestled amongst the Victorian forests on Wurundjeri land, I am breathing, living & owning my spirit. I am alchemising my deepest shadows. I am reclaiming the old ways in the new days. I weave the energy around me each day, honouring and reflecting as I flow. This presence is a gift I desire to share.

Join me in walking the path of self-healing and magick. Live with the Earth, our living, breathing creator of all life. Learn to attune to the energy which surrounds you, in plants, rivers, the mountains, animals & trees.

Invoke the elemental forces which guide us. I challenge you to discover what is within us all, our power & ancestral wisdom.

Alana Mountain
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