Your Pleasure

These courses are designed to be self-taught by students who are interested in exploring further in their sexuality without direct support from Kiki. Most run for at least four weeks.


Awaken Your Feminine

A journey of teachings and breath work to connect to each of our chakras one at a time. You may feel called only to certain chakras and begin with those recordings, or you may want to start from the base chakra and journey upwards.


Sensual Womban Temple

Each course is a four-week journey to explore the sensuality within us all. We will be using dance, sound and breath to connect deeper to our sensuality.


Know Your Pleasure

Self Guided

Yoni Love Course

This is a beautiful short immersive course covering all aspects of yoni love and care, to not only develop a loving relationship with the feminine and your yoni, but to understand female sexuality and your yoni deeper and to care for her in the best ways possible.

This program was birthed through my own experience of toxic masculine approaches to sexuality and then my discovery of tantra, taoism and divine feminine approaches to sexuality, along with an in-depth understanding of the female sexual response cycle that I have of the experience of the female body through my studies of sexology.


Conscious Kink Workshop


Breathgasm Workshop

Opening up your mind to a greater possibility of pleasure and excitement through a brief yet comprehensive kink breakdown! We go through boundaries and consent, exploring our yes and no, and what it means to hold space and be vulnerable in our intimacy and connection.


7 Day Self Pleasure Challenge

Self pleasure can often be put aside, and low on the priority list—when it is actually a really important part of our self care and self understanding. This 7 day challenge has been created to help those who have a troubled relationship with their yoni understand their anatomy on a deeper level.

This is a femme focused deep dive into the feminine pleasure by Kristin and a breath experience led by Sara. If you have ever struggled with pleasure, sensuality, talking about your yoni - this is the workshop for you.


Breast Care Course

This short course is to help you to develop a loving relationship with your breasts as well as to develop a self-care practice incorporating your breasts. It is also designed for those who are massaging their clients or lover's breasts.