Womben's circles are where ancient wisdom is shared, through story telling, holding space, medicine and magick. 

Womben’s circles keep relationships healthy by nourishing our yin, creating a safe space to unload, and to find guidance within sisters. They are a safe space for us to be our raw authentic selves, without judgement.

They help us to evolve within ourselves, our relationships and our community at large due to the nature of sharing, growing, shedding and seeding. 


Holding circles is in our blood and bones and Womben. Yet training in this magick helps us to overcome our own blockages, projections and wounds that may create an unsafe space for sisters to share openly in circle. 



 If you have been feeling the call to hold space for sisters in the way and it I a full body “YES” to this training I would LOVE to have you join the training program 




Payment plan available.


Womben's Circle Facilitation


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