Sensual Womban Temple

A place to feel safe to explore and express our eroticism, our sensuality, our pleasure through dance, sound, movement and breath.

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Part 3

A journey of teachings and dance to connect our womb or womb space, the sacral chakra, our shadow and light expressions of Aphrodite, relationships and our inner child. 

You do not need to have attended part one or two to join this live program (part three).

However, if you are feeling called to explore the base chakra and Lilith, or the foundational sensual program you can find those programs available below.



Part 2

A powerful journey of teachings and dance to connect to our base chakra expression and shadows, as well as to connect to the archetypal energy of Lilith, our sexuality, our vulva, our voice and truth, our raw expression, our seductress, and wild self. 


Part 1

A journey of teachings and dance to reclaim our sexual and sensual sovereignty. 

In this program you will explore exercises to connect your yoni, sensuality, sexuality, body and pleasure.

You will give yourself permission to let the sacred slut, the temptress, the Goddess express herself. 

Sensual Womban