Sensual Womban Program

The Sensual Womban Program has been created to help womben connect to their sensuality in a world where we are often too terrified or ashamed to truly embody our inner temptress, sacred slut, our wild womban and sensual goddess.

Round 1- Foundations of sensuality

Welcome sisters! ​

I am so excited to be sharing this program with you all! 

This program is for you if you have experienced

  • shame in expressing your seductress/temptress

  • an inability to feel beautiful in your natural form 

  • Shame over your sexuality 

  • Disconnect from pleasure, love, beauty

Some prospects covered

  • Sensual, sexual and seductive dance and song

  • The priestess

  • Sensual embodiment 

The content

Four dance routines to create a dance to an entire song- PILLOWTALK

Four weekly exercises to connect you to your sensuality 

Exercises to reconnect to love, pleasure and beauty 


This offering is self- taught over 4 weeks with four x 90 minute workshops and 4 or 5 exercises to complete each week

Invest in the healing of your sensual expression