Sensual Womban Program

The Sensual Womban Program has been created to help womben connect to their sensuality in a world where we are often too terrified or ashamed to truly embody our inner temptress, sacred slut, our wild womban and sensual goddess.

ROUND Three: will be beginning 30th August

Welcome sisters! ​

I am so excited to be sharing this program with you all! 

This program is for you if you have experienced

  • shame in expressing your seductress/temptress

  • Use of feminine power for manipulation

  • an inability to feel beautiful in your natural form 

  • Shame over your sexuality 

  • Disconnect from pleasure

  • Unhealthy relationship with love and partners

  • Unhealthy self talk

Some prospects covered

  • Sensual, sexual and seductive dance and song

  • Connection to beauty through art

  • Sensual embodiment and pleasure expansion

  • Sexual expression and catalytic creative energy

  • Connection to womb- massage and meditations

  • Healthy relating

  • Sacred union of feminine and masculine


This training is taught through four x 90 minute workshops over four Sundays 

We will be meeting together for approximately one- one and a half hours on each phase of the lunar cycle​

Invest in the healing of your sensual expression



Sensual Womban Program- Aphrodite

Sensual Womban Program- Aphrodite

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