Know Your Cycles Self Guided

Know Your Cycles Self Guided

Who is the program for?

This program for any sister who is experiencing the following
- Irregular and/or painful periods
- Premenstrual tension
- Emotional instability, anxiety, overwhelm
***Especially if any of these experiences are inhibiting your lived experience of love, joy and pleasure

The programs:
There are a few different ways that we journey through this container of 28 days together. The reason we do a 28 day program is because this is the cycle of the moon and close to the number of days in sister's cycles (if this is not you not to worry we work this all out together in our first session and adjust where needed).

The other reason the program takes 28 days is because it takes 21 days to break a habit and a lot of our unconscious behaviors throughout our cycle are deeply embedded and need time and dedication to shift.

It is also a really holistic way to approach the topic. While I love facilitating workshops and they can certainly make huge changes in sister's lives, I have found it isn't as sustainable as this integrative approach. It is also holistic in the way it is delivered as there are varied ways we work together which are as follows:

  • Four 1-2 hour 1:1 face to face sessions each phase of the cycle

(Either in person or via Skype)
These sessions include the following:
- Teaching on practices and techniques to use throughout the cycle
- Trigger recognition and resolution
- Moontime Awakening (rite of passage all womben should have with first bleed)
- Teachings on anatomy
- Teachings on the lunar mysteries
- Teaching on herbs to use each cycle
- Womb clearing and activation
- Mother and sister wound healing
- Partner wound healing
- Skills for couples to use to best support you through each phase of your cycle.

  • Unlimited texts and  so you have constant support while you go through your processes and recognize your triggers

(if you don't get through to me I will get back to you within 24 hours)

  • Ample amounts of tools and techniques to truly understand yourself and change old patterns

(These are taught both during our face to face workshop style sessions as well as through our calls and texts)