Journey to the Sexual Self

Journey to the Sexual Self

This journey covers both the feminine and the masculine aspects of our being, our sexual self, as well as our potential as beings of pleasure including skills to utilise to enhance your connection and understanding.

If you would like to be able to connect with your sexual sense of self with a deeper understanding, unlock your pleasure potential, reawaken and reconnect to your divine feminine essence, learn ancient practices and the feminine approach to sexuality which is slower, sweeter and more sustainable, as well as a deeper understanding of your anatomy, your loved ones, and sexuality in general, and to feel empowerment through this understanding, this course is for you!

The course consists of - teachings on reproductive and genital anatomy, orgasm, orgasmic energy, eroticism and non-eroticism - Teachings on women's cycles and lunar mysteries - Teachings on womb and yoni care with steaming, yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni massage tools and more - Teachings on how to give a yoni, breast, lingam and prostate massage,

Sacred art therapy on our beautiful yoni - There will be powerful exercises to help you shift into different ways of relating in intimacy and love - Teachings on masculine vs feminine approach to sexuality - meditation to heal the relationship with the masculine, the feminine and to dive deep into our womb goddess's wisdom and heal our ancestral and personal trauma of our blood lineage.  Womb healing and meditations as well as blood magic will also be covered. 


We will also have breathwork exercises to help transform your relationship with orgasm and opening your ability to breath into orgasm.



An open mind and heart, a notebook and pen to womb journal, a dressing gown, a mirror, something sacred for your own mini altar.

If you are bleeding wear something red, if you are not wear something white if you have finished bleeding wear something black or maroon.

If you have a yoni egg already perfect, if not we have gemologist rose quartz eggs for $60 plus p&h (you can find elsewhere on this site). 


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