Feminine Embodiment Program

Feminine Embodiment Program

Who are these offerings for?
This program is for any sister who
- feels disconnected from the feminine aspects of themselves
- would like to understand and embrace their feminine archetypes
- would like to connect deeply to their womb and wisdom
- want to feel comfortable embodying their sensuality and sexuality

The program:

There are a few different ways that we journey through this container of 28 days together, however I have included below a rough outline of how this may look.
The reason the program takes 28 days is because it takes 21 days to break a habit and a lot of our patterns in sexuality are deeply embedded and need time and dedication to shift. There is also the opportunity to work together in an 8 week container (two lunar cycles) if a sister feels the need, however I do try to share with  sisters tools to be empowered enough by the end of our time together to continue the work on their own <3

The 28 day container for co-creation together is also a really holistic way to approach the topic. While I love facilitating workshops and they can certainly make huge changes in sister's lives, I have found it isn't as sustainable as this integrative approach.

It is also holistic in the way it is delivered as there are varied ways we work together which are as follows:

  • One 2-hour 1:1 face to face session

(Either in person or via Skype)
This session include the following:
- How to access and embody feminine energy in daily life; movement, dance, touch, breath, singing, sighing
- Yoni intimacy (the physical representation of the feminine) through deep understanding of her, which includes both healing and sensual practices.
- The many archetypes of womban i.e. Aphrodite, Kali, maiden, mother, maga, crone, priestess, wild womban, sacred slut
- Female sexuality
- Developing a trusting relationship with the womb, listening for her "no" and "yes"
- Healing of the relationship with the feminine (sister wound, mother wound, first bleed, blood rites of passage).

  • Unlimited texts and calls so you have constant support for the week following our session '

So that you can work with your new tools and practices with someone by your side, as well as having the support needed after our session together.
(if you don't get through to me I will get back to you within 24 hours)

  • Ample amounts of tools and techniques to truly embody the feminine

(These are taught both during our face to face workshop style sessions as well as through our calls and texts)

$1111.11 in person $888.88 online
This price includes a gemologist approved rose quartz yoni egg.

If it is a FULL BODY YES!
"Yes, I am feeling called to reclaim my sovereignty and power through stepping fully into my divine feminine and sensuality!!"
- reply to this email with your current time zone and preferred time of day to call (morning or evening), and we can connect a little deeper than via email to make sure it is right for us both to work this closely together <3


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