Conscious Kink Week 3

Conscious Kink Week 3

For this Conscious Kink program we will meet for 90 minutes for four Saturdays in a row at 10:00 AM AEST, and take you on a journey of the Love Arts. We will be teaching In a Cyclic manner so that lovers can best understand how to love up a female throughout the menstrual without penetration and orgasm being the main goal.


This program is designed for couples that include at least one female, and the focus is on female pleasure due to the orgasm gap—with hetero females experiencing the short end of the stick time and time again, tolerating in their partnered sex and putting their partners pleasure first. For male focused pleasure I highly recommend visiting @thecamfraser on Instagram.


Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you feel called to understand yourself or your partners in partnered pleasure, or female sexuality deeper in general, this is a great holistic course for you 🌹



If it is a full body YES to this program you can book via the product link below

🌹each program is limited to 22 couples 🌹