Priestess Mentorship

This program has been created to help guide priestesses into their work of initiating men into the love arts. Through sexuality, sensuality, the cycles and reconnecting to our own feminine archetypes and meeting our own inner king.

Womban have been oppressed over 5000 years, as has our sensuality, our connection to wisdom teachings on our cycle and the many different faces of womban.

This training helps you to reconnect to the divine feminine within, the goddess, to initiate you into the remembrance of birthing the divine masculine within men, the god. 

This training is for sisters who have felt the calling to work with men to help them to understand female sexuality and sensuality, and to connect men to their hearts in the process

We will be connecting to the deepest archetypes of ourselves so that we may meet and match those of the men we will train 

an example of some of these archetypes:


The nurturer 

Erotic Mother

Ability to shift from nurturing the heart to nurturing the sex in our God/Goddess

Wild womban

Raw unapologetic POWERFUL womban.


Balancing our ability to love, see beauty and seduce


The soft innocent and playful 


The wise womban within




She who has a voice

Sacred Slut

Unapologetically owning her sex​

You will be learning about the anatomy of Womban and how her sexuality flourishes in order to teach men this art

An example of some of these teachings:

Sensuous touch 

Heart and yoni connection 

Breathing into orgasm

yoni breast prostate and lingam massage 

Power play 

Role play 


The art of seduction 

Sacred sex 

You will be learning about the lunar mysteries and initiating men into the holy grail 

The many phases/faces of the moon

How to care for a Womban in each phase of her cycle ​

This training goes for 3 months and is taught entirely online 

Intake is continuous however it is advised to start at the beginning of each season to sign up with other sisters signing up at the same time as you. 

Invest in the Rising of the Feminine

This is such a powerful course as it covers all of the aspects of Priestess work and how to best guide your lovers and clients into their priesthood.




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